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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


04m 24s

Chapter: Introduction to the Go Programming Language

Why GO?

15m 41s

Setting Up the Development Machine

15m 26s

Go Basic Syntax

15m 41s

Chapter: Language Features

Basic Features

15m 42s


15m 57s


15m 15s

Chapter: Advanced Go Programming

Go mem

15m 34s

Go Pipes

15m 45s

Go Routines

15m 30s

Chapter: Using Go on the Cloud

Go on Amazon AWS

15m 23s

Go on Docker

14m 24s

Go on Google

15m 39s

Chapter: Working Examples

Go and Java

16m 0s

Go and Python

15m 31s

Go and C

15m 0s

Chapter: Apps with Go

Desktop App

16m 17s

Standalone App

15m 46s

System-level App

15m 34s

Chapter: Summary


04m 4s