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Table of Contents

Chapter: Course Intro

Course Intro

02m 19s

Chapter: myTodos App

Project Intro

03m 6s

Get Started with Meteor

15m 55s

Displaying Todos

14m 12s

Adding, Updating, and Deleting Todos

14m 37s

User Accounts and Methods

14m 53s

Subscribe and Publish

11m 34s

Deploying an App

06m 9s

Chapter: Microposts

Project Intro

01m 32s

App Setup and Routing

16m 22s

Building the UI

19m 6s

User Accounts Creation

21m 20s

User Accounts Implementation

12m 20s

Displaying Posts

19m 35s

Creating Posts

09m 27s

Securing Our App

08m 17s

Chapter: FAQ Component

Project Intro

01m 46s

Packages and Router

15m 31s

Accordion UI

07m 13s

Display FAQ in Accordion

14m 17s

The Houston Admin Panel

05m 48s

Chapter: SpatIt Product Reviews

Project Intro

01m 57s

Files and Base Layout Creation

10m 29s

Files and Base Layout Implementation

11m 3s

Reading Products and Categories

17m 2s

Add Products – Basics

12m 28s

Add Products – Implementation

11m 28s

Product Display

18m 39s

Product Reviews – Basics

14m 54s

Product Reviews – Implementation

15m 38s

Accounts and Security

28m 39s

Chapter: Custom Login System

Project Intro

02m 22s

Login and Register UI Basics

12m 27s

Login and Register UI Implementation

12m 7s

User Registration and Validation

15m 30s

User Login

06m 25s

Dashboard and Access Control

13m 17s

Chapter: Helptickets

Project Intro

02m 0s

Files and Layout

18m 28s

Custom Login System – Design

10m 25s

Custom Login System – Implementation

10m 6s

Adding and Listing Tickets

18m 19s

Ticket Page and Reply

15m 24s

Staff and Departments – Design

10m 51s

Staff and Departments – Implementation

11m 7s

Chapter: WebPlans

Project Intro

01m 40s

Meteor Skeleton Setup

11m 12s

Meteor Skeleton Setup – Final steps

08m 51s

Default Admin User

14m 41s

Plans CRUD

09m 47s

Plans CRUD – Implementation

10m 52s

Subscriber Functions

11m 48s

Subscriber Functions - Implementation

11m 44s

Chapter: Codefolio

Project Intro

01m 28s

Integrating the Template

11m 42s

Integrating the Template – Implementation

12m 46s

Inner and Admin Page Markup

16m 36s

Admin Login Functions

10m 56s

Admin Login Functions – Final Implementation

13m 23s

Blog Post CRUD

10m 46s

Blog Post CRUD – Implementation

10m 46s

Projects CRUD – Design

11m 58s

Projects CRUD – Implementation

11m 56s

Frontend Blog Posts

16m 26s

Frontend Project Pages

12m 2s

Chapter: PhotoStory

Project Intro

01m 17s

Getting Started

15m 24s

Accounts and Dropzone Upload

17m 33s

Image Feed Display

07m 56s

Adding Image Info

10m 12s

Adding Image Info – Final Steps

12m 3s

Methods and Publication

10m 51s

Methods and Publication – Final Steps

12m 37s

Chapter: TechMeetups App

Project Intro

01m 50s

Meteor Boilerplate Setup

18m 14s

Fetching and Displaying Meetups

16m 42s

Add Meetups and Display Info

18m 2s

Update and Remove Meetups

19m 13s

Chapter: Course Summary


03m 54s