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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

00m 43s

About The Author

01m 1s

Chapter: Windows Server 2016 Basics

Module Introduction

00m 36s

History Of Windows Server

05m 31s

Windows Server 2016 SKU's

06m 23s

Understanding Installation Modes

07m 16s

Deploying Windows Server 2016 Using Install Media

07m 2s

Overview Of Server Manager

05m 30s

Adding Roles And Features Using Server Manager

05m 42s

Adding Roles And Features Using Powershell

06m 42s

Adding Roles And Features Using Dism (Including Offline Configurations)

02m 29s

Discovery Current OS Instances With Microsoft Assessment And Planning Toolkit

05m 36s

Performing An Upgrade To Windows Server 2016

06m 15s

Upgrading A Cluster To Windows Server 2016

03m 28s

Perform Offline Image Maintenance

03m 9s

Monitoring Windows Server With Performance Monitor And Resource Monitor

10m 10s

Patching Windows Server

07m 54s

Deploying Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

11m 52s

Managing WSUS

11m 22s

Deploy And Manage Windows Defender

04m 6s

Integrate Windows Defender With WSUS And Windows Update

01m 31s

Backup Windows Server

04m 46s

Chapter: Activation

Module Introduction

00m 33s

Understanding Activation Options For Windows Server 2016

03m 57s

Deploying A KMS Server Part - 1

05m 56s

Deploying A KMS Server Part - 2

04m 14s

Deploying Active Directory Based Activation

04m 10s

Using Automatic Virtual Machine Activation

03m 13s

Picking An Activation Method

02m 5s

Chapter: Managing Windows Server 2016 With Powershell

Module Introduction

00m 29s

Overview Of Powershell

06m 58s

Powershell Versions

04m 59s

Configuring The Powershell Environment

06m 49s

Using Powershell Help

02m 22s

Remote Management With Powershell

06m 58s

Creating Scripts With Powershell

06m 53s

Maintain Images With Powershell

06m 41s

Understanding Powershell Desired State Configuration

05m 39s

Using Desired State Configuration

07m 29s

Chapter: Nano Server

Module Introduction

00m 22s

Overview Of Nano Server

07m 7s

Roles And Features In Nano Server

03m 56s

Creating A Nano Server Image With Powershell

08m 18s

Creating A Nano Server Image With Image Builder

04m 14s

Patching Nano Server

05m 57s

Managing Nano Server Options

06m 37s

Chapter: Storage In Windows Server 2016

Module Introduction

00m 19s

Review Of Storage In Windows Server 2016

03m 45s

Disks, Volumes And Partitions

05m 48s

Understanding The Differences Between NTFS And ReFS

05m 18s

Managing Permissions With GUI And Powershell

07m 20s

Overview Of VHD And VHDX

06m 16s

Resizing VHDX Files

01m 51s

Overview Of SMB 3.0

04m 50s

Creating An SMB Share

03m 54s

Creating An NFS Share

02m 10s

Deploying An iSCSI Server

05m 44s

Understanding And Using MPIO

02m 14s

Using Data Deduplication

04m 59s

Planning Backup And Recovery

03m 28s

Chapter: Advanced Storage In Windows Server 2016

Module Introduction

00m 37s

Overview Of Storage Replica

06m 28s

Deploying And Using Storage Replica

08m 0s

Overview Of Storage Spaces Direct

06m 3s

Deploying Storage Spaces Direct

05m 4s

Using Storage Spaces Direct And Storage Replica Together

01m 3s

Chapter: Hyper-V

Module Introduction

00m 30s

Overview Of Virtualization

07m 40s

Overview Of Hyper-V

05m 14s

Installing Hyper-V

05m 31s

Deploying A VM

03m 59s

Configuring Nested Virtualization

02m 56s

Understanding The Difference Between Generation 1 And Generation 2 VMs

04m 53s

Upgrade VMs To Version 8

02m 18s

Using Secure Boot

01m 6s

Overview Of Dynamic Memory

08m 18s

Using Hot Add/Remove Of Memory

02m 14s

Understanding NUMA

03m 9s

Using Linux Instances With Hyper-V

01m 14s

Using Hyper-V Virtual Switches And vmNICs

04m 25s

Using Hot Add/Remove Of vmNICs

01m 24s

Using VMQ, vRSS And VMMQ

08m 48s

Using VM Network Resiliency

01m 33s

Using Virtual Fiber Channel

03m 58s

Using Checkpoints And Production Checkpoints

05m 8s

Import And Export Of VMs

02m 43s

Configure Storage QoS And Network QoS

02m 47s

Configuring Live Migration

06m 58s

Overview Of Hyper-V Replica

05m 45s

Deploying Hyper-V Replica

05m 25s

Using Hyper-V Replica With Azure

03m 14s

Using NIC Teaming

03m 6s

Using Switch Embedded Teaming

02m 38s

Overview Of Discrete Device Assignment

02m 40s

Managing Hyper-V With Powershell

04m 30s

Using Powershell Direct

02m 39s

Chapter: Containers

Module Introduction

00m 23s

Overview Of Containers And Docker

06m 2s

Installing Containers

02m 5s

Downloading Images

03m 12s

Creating A Dockerfile

02m 55s

Creating A Container

04m 46s

Understanding Container Networking

03m 54s

Using Hyper-V Containers

05m 4s

Overview Of Dockerhub

02m 53s

Chapter: High Availability

Module Introduction

00m 21s

Overview Of High Availability

02m 44s

Understanding Quorum

05m 5s

Review Of Quorum Resource - Witness Types

04m 51s

Changing Quorum For Cluster

02m 33s

Overview Of Site-Awareness And Node Fairness

07m 31s

Installing Failover Clustering Feature

04m 6s

Creating Cluster Roles

01m 38s

Draining Roles From Nodes

01m 37s

Overview Of Cluster Shared Volumes

03m 23s

Using Cluster Shared Volumes

02m 8s

Overview Of Scale-Out File Server

03m 58s

Creating A Scale-Out File Server

03m 24s

Using VHD Sets For Guest Clustering

06m 25s

Overview Of Storage And Network Resiliency

04m 16s

Configuration Of The Node Isolation And Quarantine Settings

02m 23s

Overview Of Network Load Balancing

02m 17s

Deploying Network Load Balancing

05m 35s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up And Thank You

01m 21s