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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Agile Foundations LiveLessons: Introduction

02m 0s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Basics of Scrum

1.0 Learning objectives

00m 47s

1.1 Defined versus Empirical

12m 36s

1.2 Simplified Scrum Overview

04m 14s

1.3 Scrum Teams

07m 35s

1.4 Scrum Governance

03m 36s

1.5 Scrum Framework

02m 24s

1.6 Scrum Values

02m 35s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Agile Manifesto and Principles

2.0 Learning objectives

00m 32s

2.1 Agile Manifesto and Principles Overview

03m 56s

2.2 Principles 1-3

05m 53s

2.3 Principles 4-6

08m 9s

2.4 Principles 7-9

05m 26s

2.5 Principles 10-12

04m 6s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Strategic Direction

3.0 Learning objectives

01m 16s

3.1 Product Discovery

02m 9s

3.2 Vision Statement

04m 16s

3.3 Product Roadmap

10m 4s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Scrum Roles

4.0 Learning objectives

00m 40s

4.1 Product Owner

05m 50s

4.2 Development Team

08m 18s

4.3 Scrum Master

08m 24s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Estimating and Setting Appropriate Expectations

5.0 Learning objectives

01m 13s

5.1 Definition of Done

07m 36s

5.2 Product Backlog Refinement

08m 5s

5.3 User Stories

10m 46s

5.4 Estimation

14m 15s

5.5 Velocity Extrapolation

08m 23s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Scrum in Action

6.0 Learning objectives

00m 52s

6.1 Release Planning

06m 3s

6.2 Sprint Planning

10m 29s

6.3 Sprint Execution

16m 53s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Inspect and Adapt

7.0 Learning objectives

00m 43s

7.1 Sprint Review

04m 28s

7.2 Sprint Retrospective

05m 14s

7.3 Distributed Teams

09m 6s

7.4 Transitions

09m 31s

Chapter: Summary

Agile Foundations LiveLessons: Summary

01m 40s