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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

03m 52s

About The Author

01m 45s

Chapter: Getting Started

Picking A Prototype Style

03m 27s

The Design’s Foundation

05m 38s

The Built-In 30-second Overview

01m 36s

Chapter: Understanding The Interface

Introduction To The Interface

02m 12s


04m 53s

Menu Bar

24m 14s


11m 54s

Panels: Widgets

14m 11s

Panels: Screens

04m 39s

Panels: Properties

11m 32s

Panels: Navigator

02m 13s

Panels: Outline

02m 11s

Launching A Prototype

07m 3s

Chapter: Basics Of Prototype Creation

Why Prototype?

09m 52s

Selecting, Adding And Managing Assets

15m 40s

Creating Interactive Events

08m 5s

Chapter: Step-By-Step Prototype Creation

The Design Scenario

12m 34s

Picking a Prototype Style and Layout

01m 19s

Selecting Assets

10m 28s

Fine-Tuning The Interface

06m 54s

Adding Interactivity

03m 31s

Viewing The Simulated Prototype

01m 53s

Prototype Exercise

03m 28s

Chapter: Collaborating With Stakeholders

Sharing The Prototype

03m 59s

Keys to Collaboration: Enabling, Creating, and Viewing Comments

07m 17s

Chapter: Advanced

Advanced Tip 1: Expanding Your Justinmind UI Libraries

07m 32s

Advanced Tip 2: From Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi

05m 40s

Advanced Tip 3: Simulating External Sites

03m 12s

Advanced Tip 4: Creating Scenarios (Pro Version)

08m 12s

Advanced Tip 5: Events Overview (Pro Version)

05m 22s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up and Thank You

02m 48s