CSS Specialist Designation
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Final Release Date: September 2016
Run time: 6 hours 4 minutes

Build strong skills in CSS and stand out among other developers

About This Video

Create the styling for content display for websites, mobile sites, and many mobile applications~Arrange content to optimize user experience~Combine CSS skills with other digital skillsets to excel at web and mobile development

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There was a time when web sites didn't have to look great. They were often designed by programmers with little or not design skill. People expect your web site to not only be functional, but to look great. CSS will give you the ability to completely style your webpage to catch the attention of your audience.Author Andrew Snyder-Spak takes you through this course, making sure to stop at each instance and show you how it’s done. Right from a ground up introduction to CSS, to various techniques and tips to build responsive designs, you will gain a complete understanding of eloquent CSS. Moreover, you have the chance to get certified by LearntoProgram, which will give you a boost in your career.

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