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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing Angular 2

The Course Overview

02m 6s

Looking at What's New in Angular 2

03m 44s

Keeping Up with the Latest Angular 1.x Is Important

02m 33s

Presenting Our Sample Project

03m 39s

Chapter: Planning Your Migration to Angular 2

Migrating Incrementally Is the Way to Go

03m 39s

Let's Use the Latest Angular 1.x First

04m 0s

What Are TypeScript and ES6?

04m 4s

Preparing Our Development Environment

05m 49s

Chapter: Getting Your Angular 1.x Application Ready for Angular 2

Cleaning Up Your $scopes

06m 11s

Making Components, Not Controllers

04m 32s

Using the Latest UI Router

02m 45s

Using TypeScript Classes for Our Services

04m 20s

Using TypeScript in Our Controllers

03m 16s

Chapter: The Switch to Angular 2

Upgrading Our 1.x Services to Angular 2

06m 11s

Switching Our 1.x Components to Angular 2 Components

05m 5s

Tracking the Most Popular Hashtags

05m 58s

Using the New Angular 2 Component Router

04m 48s

Solving Complex Migration Cases

04m 4s

Chapter: Angular 2 in the Long Run

Best Practices for Angular 2

03m 12s

The Future of TypeScript and ES6

02m 32s

Taking Angular 2 Further

03m 27s

Learning TypeScript and Components

07m 44s