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Table of Contents

Chapter: First Steps in HTML5

Welcome to the Course

02m 9s

About the Specialist Designation

02m 1s

About the Instructor

01m 33s

Quick Start: Making Your First HTML5 Page

09m 54s

Obtaining the Tools of the Trade

08m 54s

Learning the Basic Document Structure

06m 20s

Anatomy of a Tag

06m 28s

Wrap Up Section 1

01m 2s

Lab Exercise

00m 57s

Chapter: Everything You Wanted to Know about Formatted Text

Welcome to Chapter 2

01m 2s

Paragraph Tags

02m 48s

Break Tags

03m 24s

Preformatted Text

04m 11s

HTML5 Heading Tags

03m 28s


06m 35s

Quotations and Citations

03m 48s

Formatting – Bold, Italics, and More

05m 44s

Computer Code

04m 30s

HTML5 Containers

02m 14s

Lab Exercise

01m 28s

Wrap Up Section 2

01m 2s

Chapter: Hyperlinks

Welcome to Chapter 3

01m 27s

Creating an Internal Link

08m 16s

Linking to the Outside World

04m 42s

The Target Attribute

03m 28s

Anchors to Navigate Long Pages

06m 51s

Lab Exercise

00m 55s

Wrap Up Section 3

00m 53s

Chapter: Digital Media

Welcome to Chapter 4

01m 11s

Inserting Images

08m 54s

Inserting Image Links

05m 23s

Understanding Image Formats and Size

01m 50s

Sizing Images Responsively

09m 48s

Playing and Controlling Audio

05m 9s

Playing and Controlling Video

05m 54s

Lab Exercise

01m 17s

Wrap Up Section 4

00m 56s

Chapter: Displaying Data in Tables and Frames

Welcome to Chapter 5

00m 57s

Defining a Table

05m 11s

Determining the Border of a Table

04m 23s

Determining Table and Cell Width

05m 52s

Defining Table Headers

02m 53s

Spanning Multiple Rows and Columns

03m 33s

Inserting iFrame Content

04m 28s

Adding a Table Caption

02m 11s

Lab Exercise

01m 29s

Wrap Up Section 5

00m 59s

Chapter: Interacting with the User via Forms

Welcome to Chapter 6

01m 8s

Defining the Form

04m 19s

Text Input

09m 38s

Limiting Text Input

08m 5s

Multiple Choice

10m 46s

Form Submission

03m 18s

Generic Buttons

04m 33s

Date Inputs

04m 41s

Numerical Input

03m 56s

Organizing a Form with Fieldsets

02m 28s

Lab Exercise

01m 21s

Wrap Up Section 6

00m 52s

Chapter: Professional HTML5 Practice

Welcome to Chapter 7

01m 6s

Commenting Your Code

03m 33s

Inserting External JavaScript Code

05m 11s

Meta Tags

05m 57s

Search Engine Readiness

05m 48s

It's a Colorful World

08m 19s

Identifying HTML5 APIs

02m 3s

Drawing on Canvas

06m 25s

Wrap Up Section 7

00m 35s

Chapter: Styling with CSS

Welcome to Chapter 8

00m 57s

Where to Style

07m 13s

CSS Selectors

06m 44s

Fundamental Typography with CSS

07m 5s

Understanding the CSS Box Model

08m 56s

Floating Your Layout

09m 36s

Lab Exercise

00m 53s

Wrap Up Section 8

01m 0s

Chapter: Summary

Welcome to Chapter 9

01m 12s

Demonstrating Responsive Design

03m 36s

Using a Responsive Style Sheet

04m 14s

Responsive Headers

02m 37s

Creating Your Own Media Queries

01m 16s

Lab Exercise

02m 4s

Wrap Up Section 9

02m 4s