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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

The Course Overview

04m 47s

Why Android N?

03m 38s

Basics of Android

09m 2s

Anatomy of Our app

02m 43s

Tools Overview

07m 11s

Tools – Android Studio and Emulators

08m 49s

Chapter: UI of the Application

UI Section Overview

03m 34s

Hello World

07m 48s

Home Page Card

03m 20s

Home Page Card Implementation

11m 5s

NewsArticle, Adapters, and RecyclerView

04m 25s

Creating a NewsArticle

06m 15s

Implementing the ArrayAdapter

11m 45s

Implementing the RecyclerView

03m 33s

The Details Page

07m 34s

Event Handling and Navigation

04m 12s

Enabling Navigation

06m 40s

Android N Multiwindow Features

03m 46s

Chapter: Networking

Networking Section Overview

03m 28s

Networking Basics

05m 48s

News API

05m 41s

Parsing the News API Response

09m 37s

Parsing the News API Response – Implementation

05m 19s


07m 57s

Retrofit Implementation

09m 42s

Testing API calls

05m 18s

Chapter: Completing the App

Connecting the Response to the UI

09m 41s

Analytics and More

05m 19s

Analytics and Crash Reporting Implementation

08m 57s

Addition Attribution

11m 8s

Chapter: Testing

Introduction to Testing in Android

07m 9s

Unit Testing in Android

10m 8s

Unit Testing with Powermock

05m 58s

Instrumentation Testing in Android

04m 51s

Espresso Implementation

09m 44s

Chapter: Publishing the App on the Play Store

Preparing to Upload to the Play Store

11m 3s

Uploading to the Play Store

06m 18s

Chapter: Best Practices

Best Practices

10m 39s

Review of the Project

05m 12s