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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Introduction and Getting Set Up

16m 6s

Stream Live Tweets with Spark Streaming!

10m 13s

Chapter: A Crash Course in Scala

Scala Basics – Part 1

11m 26s

Scala Basics – Part 2

09m 41s

Flow Control in Scala

07m 18s

Functions in Scala

08m 47s

Data Structures in Scala

16m 38s

Chapter: Spark Streaming Concepts

Introduction to Spark

07m 6s

The Resilient Distributed Dataset (RDD)

10m 40s

RDDs in Action – Simple Word Count Application

08m 17s

Introduction to Spark Streaming

06m 32s

Revisiting the PrintTweets Application

05m 9s

Windowing – Aggregating Data over Longer Time Spans

05m 0s

Fault Tolerance in Spark Streaming

06m 6s

Chapter: Spark Streaming Examples with Twitter

Saving Tweets to Disk

13m 23s

Tracking the Average Tweet Length

08m 22s

Tracking the Most Popular Hashtags

14m 50s

Chapter: Spark Streaming Examples with Clickstream / Apache Access Log Data

Tracking the Top URLs Requested

13m 27s

Alarming on Log Errors

11m 56s

Integrating Spark Streaming with Spark SQL

08m 27s

Intro to Structured Streaming in Spark 2

11m 24s

Analyzing Apache Log files with Structured Streaming

09m 4s

Chapter: Integrating with Other Systems

Integrating with Apache Kafka

12m 20s

Integrating with Apache Flume

08m 51s

Integrating with Amazon Kinesis

05m 29s

Writing Custom Data Receivers

06m 55s

Integrating with Cassandra

07m 34s

Chapter: Advanced Spark Streaming Examples

Stateful Information in Spark Streams

15m 7s

Streaming K-Means Clustering

15m 36s

Streaming Linear Regression

11m 50s

Chapter: Spark Streaming in Production

Running with spark-submit

10m 47s

Packaging Your Code with SBT

10m 49s

Running on a Real Hadoop Cluster with EMR

13m 13s

Troubleshooting and Tuning Spark Jobs

12m 35s

Chapter: You Made It!

Learning More

03m 44s