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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing TypeScript

The Course Overview

05m 22s

Features and Benefits of TypeScript

06m 43s

Setting Up Our Environment

08m 4s

Chapter: TypeScript Concepts

Built-in/ Primitive Types

12m 31s

Your First Class

06m 50s

Creating Advanced Methods

11m 37s

Inheritances and Interfaces

14m 33s

Debugging TypeScript

06m 29s

Chapter: Advanced TypeScript Concepts

Using Enumerations, Constants, and Block Scope

08m 24s

Working with Statics

09m 8s

Advanced Properties

08m 52s


12m 2s

Solving "this" Problem

10m 33s

Chapter: Starting Angular 2 Application

Angular 2.0 Versus Angular 1.0?

07m 43s

Setting Up the New Project

13m 5s

Overview of Key Angular 2 Concepts

09m 45s

Creating the Shell Page

07m 10s

Creating the First Component

22m 0s

Chapter: Creating Web API Web Services

Brief Overview of the Web API

06m 59s

Brief Overview of the Entity Framework

05m 5s

Creating Entity Framework Classes and Configuration

12m 20s

Creating API Controller to Handle CRUD Operations

09m 49s

Configuring Application Start-up

08m 1s

Chapter: Authoring Angular Components

Creating a Service That Uses HTTP

14m 13s

Creating the Nested Components Which Use Services

17m 3s

Creating a Directive

16m 57s

Creating a Pipe

09m 46s

Chapter: Navigation

Basics of Client-Side Routing

06m 11s

Configuring Routes

12m 45s

Nested Routes, Parameters, and Query Strings

08m 2s

Navigating with Directives and Code

13m 19s

Chapter: Working with Forms

Form Types and Anatomy of an Angular Form

08m 17s

Form Data Binding

12m 16s

Simple Validation

09m 16s

Reactive Forms

19m 8s

Monitoring Changes and Using Notifications

13m 28s

Chapter: Built-in Angular Building Blocks

Dynamic Styling

13m 29s

Displaying Lists of Data

11m 19s

Conditionally Displaying Data

08m 42s

Change Detection and Component Queries

09m 21s

Dynamic Component Loading

10m 2s

Chapter: Working with Server Data and Next Steps

Reactive Extensions

07m 27s

Performing Insert, Update, and Delete Calls

11m 5s

Communicating Events between Components

07m 25s

Next Steps in Learning Angular 2

09m 17s