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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started With Unreal Engine 4

The Course Overview

03m 32s

Unreal Engine 4 Navigation

19m 53s

The Fundamentals of Level Design and Unreal Assets

16m 20s

Utilizing Unreal Engine’s Material Editor

20m 11s

Prefabs and Blueprints: A Guide To Efficiency

14m 51s

Chapter: Remembering The Classics: Mastering the Mechanics of Pong

Design Analysis and Greybox

13m 6s

Ready Player One

16m 54s

Play Ball

12m 30s

A Challenger Approaches

15m 23s


15m 6s

Chapter: Taking It Further

Keeping Score

20m 17s

Fun with Physics

08m 41s

Fun with Physics (Continued)

11m 42s

Spawn the Ball

15m 41s

Volley Count for Multiball

08m 14s

Game Time

16m 8s

Wrapping Up

07m 47s

Chapter: Breaking Down the 2D Platformer

Project Analysis and Level 1

16m 36s

Jumping Around

07m 10s

Implementing the Obstacle

15m 53s

The Platform and the Power-Up

11m 54s

The Platform and the Power-Up (Continued)

18m 12s

Reaching Safety

30m 5s

Chapter: Raycasting and UMaps

Raycasting and You

10m 6s

Adding the Scoring System

22m 11s

The Next Level

04m 27s

Creating the Enemy

18m 19s

Spawn the Elevators

12m 34s

Collecting the Coin

11m 13s

Reaching Finish Line Through Obstacles

18m 13s

The Final Level

08m 53s

The Dangerous Obstacle

07m 35s

World Traveler

08m 17s

Chapter: Going For the Title

Insert Coin

03m 18s

Push the Button

17m 48s

Push the Button (Continued)

11m 21s

Bring the Noise

19m 56s

Recap and Polish

22m 13s