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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

The Course Overview

02m 58s

Installing Haskell

03m 40s

Installation Instructions for OS X

04m 44s

Installation Instructions for Windows

03m 11s

Installation Instructions for Linux

05m 32s

Chapter: Getting Started with Haskell

Discovering Haskell with ghci

13m 3s

Built-in Data Structures

10m 32s

Editing Haskell Source Code

06m 25s

Introduction to Functions

10m 7s

Building Your Own Data Structures

09m 23s

Pattern Matching

09m 27s

Chapter: Developing a Word Game

Creating a Project with Stack

11m 51s

Setting up the Word Game Grid

08m 25s

Searching for Words

19m 39s

Searching in All Directions

14m 2s

Unit Testing the Grid with Hspec

07m 33s

Chapter: Polishing the Word Game

Grid Coordinates and Infinite Lists

20m 44s

Fleshing Out the Grid Model

23m 38s

Searching the Grid Recursively

22m 20s

Making the Game Playable

30m 20s

Some Final Polish

12m 23s