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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

The Course Overview

05m 3s

Setting Up the Tools

28m 13s

Chapter: Writing Sample Tests

Sample Scenarios Creation

07m 4s

Adding Configuration

05m 6s

Data-Drive Tests

04m 13s

Adapt Tests for Parallel Execution

03m 31s

Chapter: Wrapping Controls and Pages

General Idea, Overview, and Main Design

06m 45s

Wrapping Controls

05m 44s

Wrapping Pages

05m 50s

Adding Page Factory

07m 25s

Generating Screenshots

03m 42s

Chapter: Complex Cases for Pages and Elements

Platform-Specific Identifiers

13m 39s

Customizing Control Interaction

08m 31s

Dealing with Sub-Elements

12m 4s

Additional Verification Functionality

07m 25s

Chapter: Object-Driven Framework

Major Concepts of Object-Driven Framework

06m 32s

Creating Object-Driven Engine

06m 40s

Transferring Data between Steps

04m 42s

Applying the Approach to Tests

07m 35s

Chapter: Keyword-Driven Framework

General Introduction to the Approach and Cucumber-JVM

07m 46s

Giving Informative Names to Pages and Elements

10m 45s

Major Set of Keywords to Implement

09m 50s

Additional Keywords for Compound Elements

06m 14s

Chapter: More Tricky Functionality

Transferring Data between Steps

06m 59s

Evaluating Expressions

06m 30s

Parallelize Cucumber-JVM

04m 23s

Integrating with External Systems

13m 9s

Final Overview and What's Next

08m 27s