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Table of Contents

Chapter: Build an App to Find Cheap Airfares

The Course Overview

02m 38s

Sourcing Airfare Pricing Data

03m 45s

Retrieving the Fare Data with Advanced Web Scraping Techniques

05m 6s

Parsing the DOM to Extract Pricing Data

16m 17s

Sending Real-Time Alerts Using IFTTT

03m 42s

Putting It All Together

03m 17s

Chapter: Forecast the IPO Market Using Logistic Regression

The IPO Market

12m 59s

Feature Engineering

08m 18s

Binary Classification

06m 8s

Feature Importance

04m 54s

Chapter: Create a Custom Newsfeed

Creating a Supervised Training Set with the Pocket App

09m 10s

Using the API to Download Story Bodies

03m 9s

Natural Language Processing Basics

07m 23s

Support Vector Machines

03m 40s

IFTTT Integration with Feeds, Google Sheets, and E-mail

08m 10s

Setting Up Your Daily Personal Newsletter

04m 23s

Chapter: Forecasting the Stock Market with Machine Learning

What Does Research Tell Us about the Stock Market?

05m 37s

Developing a Trading Strategy

12m 1s

Building a Model and Evaluating Its Performance

06m 58s

Modeling with Dynamic Time Warping

05m 34s

Chapter: Build an Image Similarity Engine

Machine Learning on Images

04m 49s

Working with Images

04m 16s

Finding Similar Images

07m 37s

Building an Image Similarity Engine

09m 54s

Chapter: Building a Chatbot

The Design of Chatbots

06m 38s

Building a Chatbot

10m 2s