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Table of Contents

Chapter: Making Custom Materials

The Course Overview

04m 2s

Applying Existing Materials to a Canvas

02m 11s

Using Quick Tones

03m 47s

Drawing and Saving a Custom Material

11m 53s

Using Mesh Transformation to Apply Realistic Fabric Patterns

07m 5s

Chapter: Creating Special Effects

Creating Color Hold Line Art

05m 4s

Coloring Sparkly Magic Effect

04m 8s

Creating a Colored Light Effect

05m 47s

Making Gems and Crystals

04m 53s

Coloring Shiny Leather

04m 24s

Chapter: Color Palettes

Importing a Color Set from Photoshop

02m 59s

Using the Intermediate Color Palette

02m 7s

Using the Approximate Color Palette

02m 59s

Using the Color History Palette

01m 27s

Selecting Colors Using the Sub View

02m 37s

Chapter: Flatting and Shading Artwork

Adding Flat Colors Using Reference Layers

05m 52s

Creating Cel Shaded Artwork Using Layer Modes and Masks

06m 3s

Creating a Soft Shaded Look with Gradient and Selections

04m 41s

Chapter: Animating

Creating a New Animation File

04m 6s

Adding Animation Timeline to Existing File

01m 3s

Adding Keyframes and Playing Back Animation

01m 53s

Exporting Animation as a .GIF

01m 44s

Exporting Animation as a Video File

02m 40s