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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with Scripting

The Course Overview

05m 1s

Configuring Unity and MonoDevelop for Scripting

07m 20s

Creating a Hello World Program

06m 57s

Using the Unity Scripting Reference

05m 1s

Chapter: Moving Object Scripts

Preparing to Create a Mover Script

08m 3s

Positioning an Object through Script

07m 25s

Moving an Object through Script

04m 31s

Working with Vectors and Motion

04m 48s

Using DeltaTime

05m 13s

Chapter: Testing and Debugging Code

Creating a Rotator Script

07m 40s

Play Mode and Debugging

04m 58s

Download Unity

07m 41s

Chapter: Working with Collectables

Creating a Coin Prefab

04m 42s

Creating Coin Rotation

10m 17s

Chapter: Creating Functionality

Creating a Coin Collection Mechanic

10m 21s

Triggers and Collisions

09m 12s

Creating a Timer

11m 19s

Create a User Interface

05m 54s

Use Text Object to Display Countdown

07m 4s

Handle the Win Condition

04m 13s

Chapter: Scripts and Components

Starting a Follow Script

05m 10s

Looking at Other Objects

03m 32s

Complete NPC Mover

03m 54s

Detect Player Click Input

03m 59s

Create Raycasts and Intersections

05m 47s

Codeless Clicking

06m 38s

Chapter: Coding Behaviors

Building a Generic Trigger Action Script

10m 52s

Change Scenes

07m 51s

Player Movement

09m 3s

Player Character and Physics

10m 24s