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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

The Course Overview

04m 40s

Setting Up Your User Signature

02m 48s

Configuring Your Calendar

01m 31s

Connecting to Social Networks (Facebook and Twitter)

01m 58s

Chapter: Finishing Up

Configuring Your Company's Logo

03m 41s

Configuring the CAN-SPAM Address Block

02m 12s

Creating New Users

01m 55s

Chapter: Common Tools

Creating Custom Fields

07m 11s

Using Merge Fields

01m 59s

Using Campaign Merge Fields

02m 11s

Using Campaign Links

03m 18s

Creating Tags for Database Segmentation

03m 6s

Chapter: Workflow

Using Internal Forms and Note Templates for Workflow

04m 27s

Creating Great User Experiences with Tasks

05m 39s

Working Daily Out of My Day

05m 51s

Chapter: Time-Saving Campaign Tactics

Installing Campaign Templates from the Marketplace

05m 0s

Connecting Web Forms Together

04m 15s

Chaining Campaigns Together

03m 56s

Chapter: Online Lead Generation

Creating a Contact Us Form

07m 2s

Building a Lead Magnet Delivery

12m 28s

Setting Up Web Analytics

01m 16s

Chapter: Offline Lead Generation

Collecting Leads from In-Person Events

07m 18s

Leveraging Offline Media for Lead Generation

10m 1s

Building an Inbound Phone Call Lead Capture

09m 35s

Chapter: Social Lead Generation

Creating a Simple Referral Request

14m 41s

Building an Automated Twitter Offer

16m 26s

Growing Your Social Following

09m 55s

Creating a PPC Lead Generation Funnel

17m 23s