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Table of Contents

Chapter: Course Introduction

The Course Overview

02m 11s

Overview of the QlikView Platform

07m 11s

Installing QlikView Personal Edition

03m 1s

Setting Up the Course Project Environment

04m 29s

Chapter: Introduction to the QlikView Documents and Scripts

The QlikView Document Elements and Properties

05m 9s

Adding Data and Creating Database Connection

06m 10s

Creating Data Layers with QVD files

07m 2s

Chapter: Building the Data Model

Loading More Tables and Resolving Synthetic Keys

05m 52s

Loading and Modeling Sales Transactions

03m 44s

Chapter: QlikView Design – Elements, Properties, and Guidelines

Adding a Customer Sheet to Our QlikView Document

07m 15s

Applying Design Best Practices to Our New QlikView Sheet

11m 41s

Chapter: Solving Data Model Challenges

Using the If Statement or Inline Load to Create New Data

08m 21s

Creating a Master Calendar table

14m 22s

Solving Circular References

11m 41s

Learning Tables Concatenation Usage

09m 36s