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Table of Contents

Chapter: Implementing the FLUX pattern with Redux

The Course Overview

02m 47s

The Anatomy of a Client Application

10m 0s

Understanding FLUX

06m 1s

Introducing Redux

05m 35s

Chapter: Building Applications with Redux

Integrating Redux

03m 10s

Watching the Dispatch Log

05m 44s

Divorcing the Switch Statement

06m 1s

Chapter: Designing Single Page Apps

Toggling Views the Hard Way

03m 14s

Organizing the Application State

03m 49s

Switching Pages with ReactRouter

06m 56s

Chapter: Paginating Server Data

Fetching Data with Axios

07m 11s

Displaying Datatables in React

06m 54s

Implementing Basic Pagination Controls

08m 25s

Introducing Violet-Paginator

05m 59s

Chapter: Submitting Forms

Managing Form State in Redux

04m 45s

Form Submission, Redirection, and Error Handling

06m 52s

Introducing ReduxForm

04m 28s

Client-Side Validations in ReduxForm

07m 7s

Chapter: Testing React-Redux Applications

Testing Components with Enzyme

06m 3s

Testing Asynchronous Action Creators

05m 51s

Testing Reducers

05m 55s