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Table of Contents

Chapter: The Coin Collection Game – Part 1

The Course Overview

02m 57s

Getting Started – Unity and Projects

02m 52s

Projects and Project Folders

02m 17s

Importing Assets

03m 48s

Starting a Level

04m 57s

Transformations and Navigation

06m 13s

Scene Building

02m 33s

Lighting and Sky

04m 18s

Play Testing and the Game Tab

06m 30s

Adding a Water Plane

03m 51s

Adding a Coin to Collect

02m 48s

Chapter: Project A – The Collection Game Continued

Creating a Coin Material

06m 23s

C# Scripting in Unity

03m 59s

Counting Coins

01m 46s

Collecting Coins

05m 50s

Coins and Prefabs

02m 50s

Timers and Countdowns

06m 26s

Celebrations and Fireworks!

04m 6s

Play Testing

02m 33s

Building the Game

06m 58s

Chapter: Project B – The Space Shooter

Getting Started with a Space Shooter

05m 38s

Creating a Player Object

04m 5s

Player Input

04m 19s

Configuring the Game Camera

02m 50s

Bounds Locking

02m 3s


03m 16s

Death and Particles

05m 39s


07m 35s

Enemy Spawning

02m 51s

Chapter: Continuing the Space Shooter

Guns and Gun Turrets

02m 41s

Ammo Prefabs

05m 58s

Ammo Spawning

08m 11s

User Controls

02m 27s

Scores and Scoring – UI and Text Objects

06m 20s

Working with Scores – Scripting with Text

02m 59s

Polishing the Space Game

02m 30s

Testing and Diagnosis

02m 3s

Building - Space Game

01m 43s

Chapter: Project C – A 2D Adventure

A 2D Adventure – Getting Started

02m 17s

Importing Assets

04m 5s

Creating an Environment – Getting Started

04m 56s

Environment Physics

05m 53s

Creating a Player

10m 21s

Scripting the Player Movement

04m 18s

Optimization the Player

04m 46s

Chapter: Continuing the 2D Adventure

Moving Platforms

04m 41s

Creating Other Scenes – Levels 2 and 3

01m 47s

Kill Zones

03m 50s

The UI Health Bar

09m 35s

Ammo and Hazards

09m 34s

Gun Turrets and Ammo

01m 37s

NPCs and Quests

08m 40s

Chapter: Project D – Intelligent Enemies

Getting Started

04m 35s

Terrain Construction

08m 41s

Navigation and Navigation Meshes

04m 54s

Building an NPC

04m 39s

Creating Patrolling NPCs

06m 49s

Chapter: Continuing with Intelligent Enemies

Enemy AI – Range of Sight

05m 50s

An Overview of Finite-State Machines

02m 57s

The Patrol State

02m 42s

The Chase State

01m 55s

The Attack State

03m 31s