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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setting the Atmosphere

The Course Overview

03m 55s

Characteristics of an RPG

14m 19s

Patterns in RPG

09m 33s

Existing or Upcoming RPGs

05m 12s

Building Our RPG by Using the Story of the Zazar Dynasty

06m 21s

Asset Inventory

02m 54s

Level Design

18m 14s

Testing the Level

02m 40s

Creating the Main Menu

03m 4s

Creating the Game Master

06m 3s

Chapter: Character Design

Character Definitions

01m 32s

Base Character Class Attributes

02m 44s

Character States

02m 1s

Character Model

04m 48s

Character Motion

18m 7s

Inverse Kinematics

06m 10s

Chapter: Player Character and Non-Player Character Design

Customizing the Player Character

09m 26s

Non-Player Characters

16m 28s

PC and NPC Interaction

07m 1s

Chapter: Game Master and Game Mechanics

The Game Master

07m 10s

Improving Game Master

01m 59s

Player Data Management

03m 11s

Changes to UI Controller

00m 53s


02m 24s

Chapter: Inventory System

Dealing with Inventory System

06m 24s

Creating an Inventory Item

06m 50s

Inventory Interface

12m 58s

Integrating the UI with the Actual Inventory System

04m 18s

Inventory Items and the Player Character

10m 19s

Chapter: User Interface and System Feedback

Designing a Heads Up Display

03m 53s

Completing the HUD Design

06m 23s

Integrating the Code

05m 7s

Enemy Statistics in the HUD

09m 28s

Enhancing the Code

03m 7s

Chapter: Multiplayer Setup

Challenges of a Multiplayer Game

02m 46s

Initial Multiplayer Game

22m 34s

Network Enabling RPG Characters

10m 11s

Testing Our Network-Enabled PC and NPC

03m 29s

What's Next?

01m 58s