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Table of Contents

Chapter: Spark Fundamentals

The Course Overview

04m 30s

An Overview of Apache Hadoop

05m 50s

Understanding Apache Spark

05m 13s

Installing Spark on Your Machines

13m 48s

Chapter: Spark Programming Model

Functional Programming with Spark and Understanding Spark RDD

08m 44s

Data Transformations and Actions with RDDs

05m 21s

Monitoring with Spark

04m 1s

The Basics of Programming with Spark

20m 30s

Creating RDDs from Files and Understanding the Spark Library Stack

06m 38s

Chapter: Spark SQL

Understanding the Structure of Data and the Need of Spark SQL

09m 38s

Anatomy of Spark SQL

05m 8s

DataFrame Programming

12m 0s

Understanding Aggregations and Multi-Datasource Joining with SparkSQL

08m 32s

Introducing Datasets and Understanding Data Catalogs

07m 53s

Chapter: Spark Programming with R

The Need for Spark and the Basics of the R Language

08m 9s

DataFrames in R and Spark

02m 57s

Spark DataFrame Programming with R

04m 42s

Understanding Aggregations and Multi- Datasource Joins in SparkR

04m 11s

Chapter: Spark Data Analysis with Python

Charting and Plotting Libraries and Setting Up a Dataset

03m 59s

Charts, Plots, and Histograms

05m 36s

Bar Chart and Pie Chart

07m 45s

Scatter Plot and Line Graph

04m 53s

Chapter: Spark Stream Processing

Data Stream Processing and Micro Batch Data Processing

08m 36s

A Log Event Processor

16m 22s

Windowed Data Processing and More Processing Options

07m 26s

Kafka Stream Processing

10m 43s

Spark Streaming Jobs in Production

09m 9s

Chapter: Spark Machine Learning

Understanding Machine Learning and the Need of Spark for it

06m 22s

Wine Quality Prediction and Model Persistence

10m 43s

Wine Classification

05m 57s

Spam Filtering

07m 7s

Feature Algorithms and Finding Synonyms

06m 54s

Chapter: Spark Graph Processing

Understanding Graphs with Their Usage

04m 35s

The Spark GraphX Library

10m 9s

Graph Processing and Graph Structure Processing

09m 44s

Tennis Tournament Analysis

05m 34s

Applying PageRank Algorithm

03m 30s

Connected Component Algorithm

04m 39s

Understanding GraphFrames and Its Queries

09m 31s

Chapter: Designing Spark Applications

Lambda Architecture

04m 47s

Micro Blogging with Lambda Architecture

07m 13s

Implementing Lambda Architecture and Working with Spark Applications

08m 19s

Coding Style, Setting Up the Source Code, and Understanding Data Ingestion

09m 9s

Generating Purposed Views and Queries

05m 53s

Understanding Custom Data Processes

06m 12s