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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started – A Fresh Start Is a Beautiful Thing!

Getting Started

01m 21s

The Big Picture

04m 15s

Course Overview

05m 5s

Software Overview

03m 21s

Chapter: Cool Things!

Finding Coupon Codes

01m 29s

Find, Download,and Install Camtasia

02m 51s

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!

01m 19s

Course Made With Camtasia!

01m 6s

Chapter: Menu Buttons – For Those Who Enjoy Simple Things in Life!

The File Function

16m 36s

The Edit Function

10m 44s

The View Function

05m 47s

The Play Function

02m 7s

The Tools Function

05m 29s

The Help Function

08m 12s

Chapter: Library Buttons – Time to Spice Things Up!

The Clip Bin

02m 58s

The Library

05m 12s


02m 30s


03m 33s


06m 12s


01m 41s

Cursor Effects

06m 23s

Visual Properties

03m 19s

Voice Narration

01m 32s

Record Camera

01m 15s


01m 42s


04m 52s

Chapter: Clip Buttons – Where the Magic Happens!

Top Clip Buttons

03m 12s

Bottom Clip Buttons

03m 19s

Timeline and Marker

04m 35s

Chapter: Importing Media – Bring in the Noise... Bring down the House!

Basic Importing

02m 50s

Advanced Importing

02m 25s

Chapter: Editing Media – Let It Conform to You, Not the Other Way Round!

Track It

02m 49s

Hear It

03m 0s


02m 14s


03m 30s


06m 11s


09m 55s

Chapter: Saving Projects – Do NOT Hit Cancel...That's an Order!

Project versus Production

02m 20s

Why Saving Your Projects Is Critical

02m 43s

How to Properly Save and Store Your Project

02m 1s

Chapter: Exporting Media – Because It Is the Single Most Important Thing to NOT Screw Up!

The Many Variations

10m 28s

Chapter: Summary – The Ending of My Ending Is My Friend!

The Recorder

03m 10s

How to Create Conversions and Sales

03m 3s

Practical Exercise

02m 34s

Course Conclusion

02m 32s