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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

The Course Overview

04m 10s

Node.js and npm

03m 26s

Installing Project Dependencies

05m 49s

Getting an Angular 2 app up and running

05m 32s

Chapter: Building a Bar Graph

Importing JSON Data

08m 35s

Building and Styling a Bar Graph

10m 17s

Adding a Scale

04m 58s

Adding Axes and Labels

03m 20s

Chapter: Building a Choropleth Map

Understanding GeoJSON and TopoJSON

04m 50s

Combining TopoJSON with Data

08m 8s

Styling a Map Based on Data

11m 46s

Chapter: Making D3 Visualizations Interactive

Adding a Legend

07m 11s

Adding Zoom Functionality

06m 46s

Adding Custom Tooltips

03m 40s

Chapter: Angular 2 Overview

Modularity in Angular 2 Apps

04m 41s

Understanding Components

09m 17s

Data and Event Binding

03m 50s

Services in Angular 2

13m 52s

Unit Tests

05m 29s

Chapter: Building an Angular 2 App

Angular CLI

06m 50s

Working with Structural Directives and Class Bindings

05m 27s

Adding Services

08m 45s

Working with Angular 2 Forms

12m 44s

Adding a Router

06m 28s

Chapter: Real-time Data and D3 in Angular 2

Accessing Real-time Data through an Express Server

04m 50s

Importing D3 into an Angular 2 Project

03m 2s

Using D3 to Display Data in Real-time

05m 39s

Chapter: Creating D3 Components

Creating a TweetComponent

06m 4s

Creating a ScatterplotComponent

06m 45s

Creating a MapComponent

05m 40s

Adding Interactivity and Animations

05m 7s