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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with Deep Learning

The Course Overview

03m 48s

Introducing Deep Learning

03m 59s

Installing TensorFlow on Mac OS X

03m 50s

Installation on Windows – Pre-Reqeusite Virtual Machine Setup

02m 49s

Installation on Windows/Linux

04m 0s

Chapter: Your First Classifier

The Hand-Written Letters Dataset

03m 1s

Automating Data Preparation

03m 20s

Understanding Matrix Conversions

05m 34s

SThe Machine Learning Life Cycle

01m 51s

Reviewing Outputs and Results

02m 51s

Chapter: The TensorFlow Toolbox

Getting Started with TensorBoard

05m 8s

TensorBoard Events and Histograms

05m 21s

The Graph Explorer

05m 8s

Our Previous Project on TensorBoard

05m 2s

Chapter: Cats and Dogs – Convolutional Neural Networks

Fully Connected Neural Networks

04m 44s

Convolutional Neural Networks

04m 58s

Programming a CNN

05m 1s

Using TensorBoard on Our CNN

01m 58s

CNN Versus Fully Connected Network Performance

02m 8s