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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

The Course Overview

03m 37s

Installing from App Store

04m 0s

Xcode Navigation

04m 17s

Using the Simulator

02m 50s

Chapter: Swift Basics

Creating a Project

04m 43s

Basic Types

06m 49s

Creating Classes, Protocols, and Structs

05m 20s

Usage Generics

03m 43s

Using the UI

07m 58s

Usage Storyboards

07m 33s

Chapter: Creating a Contact App

Project Explanation

06m 28s

Adding a New Contact

08m 0s

Reusing UI with ContactsUI

02m 50s

Querying Contacts

02m 48s

Chapter: Watch App Sample

Basic Architecture

04m 13s

Designing the UI

04m 52s

Developing the App

06m 21s

Communicating with the iPhone

03m 13s

Chapter: Storing Data

Creating Files

04m 45s

Using NSUserDefaults

04m 18s

CRUD with Core Data

05m 54s

Chapter: Location Services

Location Concepts

02m 46s

Location Manager

03m 49s

Reverse Geocoding

02m 19s

Chapter: A Better UI with UITable Views

Introduction to Table Views

02m 18s

Data Source and Delegate

04m 20s

Custom Cells

04m 35s

Chapter: Communication

Rest Services

06m 28s

Using URLSession

04m 57s

Converting Data into Swift Objects

03m 48s

Chapter: Deploying an App

Deploying an App

03m 53s

iTunes Connect

04m 54s

Uploading to the App Store

04m 35s