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Table of Contents

Chapter: Thinking about Performance

Setting Up Dependencies in the Right Way

10m 20s

Setting Up Babel 6 in the High Performing Way

12m 36s

Enhancing Performance with ES6 const

11m 37s

Chapter: ES6 Performance Enhancements in React

Enhancing Performance with let and const in ES6

12m 44s

Create a const Only When You Need It

09m 21s

Variables Perform Better Together

11m 54s

ES6 String Performance Tips

04m 39s

Localizing lets and consts

05m 10s

Avoiding Conditions When Possible

09m 27s

Overall Benefit of Working with React on Performance of the Client

07m 45s

Chapter: General JavaScript Performance Enhancements

Why ES6 Isn't Always Faster

09m 35s

Improving Arrays

05m 54s

Reusing Instead of Creating

03m 47s

Make Them Immutable

11m 24s

Events as Main Cause of Memory Leaks

06m 34s

Chapter: Server Rendering React (Isomorphic JavaScript)

Building an Express Server

08m 24s

Setting up EJS as Our Layout System

06m 41s

Adding ES6/JSX Support on the Server

07m 23s

Server-Side Rendering

08m 8s

Node Module Exports

05m 9s

Universal JavaScript Patching

07m 15s

Chapter: Packing Things Up with Webpack

Setting up Hot Refresh Middleware

07m 54s

Getting Webpack Middleware to Run with Our Real

08m 9s

Fixing Our Priorities

05m 48s

Optimizing CSS with CSS-Nano

07m 41s

Getting Webpack JavaScript to be Production Ready

09m 18s

Caching and Compressing

06m 11s