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Table of Contents

Chapter: PHP 7 Crash Course

The Course Overview

03m 45s

Static versus Dynamic Typing

05m 39s

The Closure Class

05m 19s

Higher-Order Functions

10m 46s

Chapter: Why Consider Functional Programming?

Reasoning About Your Code

08m 18s

Declarative Programming

03m 37s

Testable Functions

05m 13s

Chapter: Fundamentals of FP

What is Functional Programming?

03m 14s

Pure Functions

06m 27s

Loops versus Recursion

11m 41s

FP Transformation

09m 31s

Chapter: Functional Evaluation Strategies

Lazy versus Eager Evaluation

14m 0s

Partial Function Application

05m 17s


11m 58s

Chapter: Composition

The Composer of Functions

02m 1s

Defining Composition

06m 54s

PRamda Functional Library

06m 21s

Auto-Currying and Composition

06m 22s

Course Summary

04m 3s