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Table of Contents

Welcome to Lean UX

01m 47s

An Introduction to Lean UX Concepts

25m 27s

Write a Business Problem Statement to Align Agile Teams

08m 0s

Using the Lean UX Canvas

02m 58s

Define Success for Agile Teams

04m 5s

Making Lean UX Assumptions About Users with Agile Proto-Personas

05m 24s

Lean UX Assumptions About User Benefits

03m 35s

Lean UX Assumptions About Features that Meet User Needs

01m 56s

Use Lean UX Hypotheses and Assumptions to Align Your Team

05m 51s

What Is an MVP in Lean UX?

18m 23s

Dual-Track Agile

06m 21s

Writing Experiment Stories for Lean UX

04m 43s

Make Sense of User Research As an Agile Team

02m 20s

How Lean UX and Agile Teams Use the Risks Dashboard

02m 26s