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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

01m 25s

About The Author

03m 42s

Course Overview

06m 34s

Microsoft's SQL Server

05m 51s

SQL Server 2016 Certifications

04m 35s

Examples And Code

03m 56s

Chapter: SQL Server Basics

SQL Server Platform

08m 38s

SQL Server Editions

04m 52s

Understanding Databases

05m 41s

Database Structures

06m 52s


06m 8s

Chapter: Getting And Installing SQL Server 2016

Getting SQL Server 2016

06m 54s

Installing SQL Server 2016

09m 31s

Installing SQL Server Management Studio

03m 43s

Attaching The Sample Database

06m 21s

Verifying The Installation

05m 16s

Chapter: Table Design And Implementation

Creating The Database

08m 24s

Database Options

09m 40s

Understanding Tables

06m 5s

SQL Server Data Types

09m 7s

Choosing A Data Type

05m 22s

What Is Normalization?

10m 10s

Understanding Relationships

06m 50s


09m 33s

Table Design Basics

06m 48s

Creating Tables Using T-SQL

07m 37s

Creating Tables Graphically

06m 30s

Using Identity Columns Part - 1

06m 26s

Using Identity Columns Part - 2

04m 34s

Altering Tables Part - 1

08m 41s

Altering Tables Part - 2

03m 19s

Chapter: Advanced Table Design

Understanding Data Integrity

06m 47s


09m 11s

Primary And Foreign Keys

05m 58s

Adding Constraints Part - 1

06m 56s

Adding Constraints Part - 2

05m 9s

Understanding Filegroups

07m 36s

Table Partitions

08m 0s

Temporal Tables

07m 34s

Working With Temporal Tables Part - 1

07m 47s

Working With Temporal Tables Part - 2

04m 55s

In-Memory Tables Part - 1

08m 29s

In-Memory Tables Part - 2

03m 3s

Generating Scripts

07m 28s

Chapter: Indexes

Index Basics

08m 23s

Clustered Or Nonclustered Part - 1

08m 28s

Clustered Or Nonclustered Part - 2

04m 39s

Covered Indexes

05m 6s

Creating Indexes

05m 22s

Columnstore Indexes

08m 29s

Managing Indexes

05m 51s

Rebuilding And Reorganizing

05m 9s

Chapter: Views

View Basics

08m 39s

Creating A View

06m 25s

Updateable Views

04m 9s

Indexed Views

06m 39s

Chapter: Transactions

Understanding Transactions Part - 1

09m 0s

Understanding Transactions Part - 2

04m 48s

Transaction Log

09m 20s

Using Explicit Transactions

06m 25s

Savepoints Part - 1

07m 26s

Savepoints Part - 2

02m 49s

Chapter: Stored Procedures

Stored Procedure Basics

07m 34s

Creating Stored Procedures

05m 52s

Using Input Parameters

05m 26s

Using Output Parameters

07m 15s

Table-Valued Parameters Part - 1

07m 53s

Table-Valued Parameters Part - 2

06m 39s

Return Status Part - 1

07m 44s

Return Status Part - 2

04m 5s

Natively Compiled Stored Procs

06m 46s

Chapter: Triggers

Understanding Triggers

07m 10s

Instead Of Triggers

06m 48s

After Triggers

06m 42s

Inserted And Deleted Tables

05m 52s

Chapter: User-Defined Functions

Understanding Functions

07m 19s

Scalar Functions

07m 34s

Table-Valued Functions

07m 16s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

06m 6s