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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

The Course Overview

02m 38s

Installing Web Server Apache, MySQL, and PHP7

06m 23s

Chapter: Getting Started with PHP 7

Why PHP 7?

04m 0s

Scalar Type Declaration

04m 33s

Return Type Declaration

02m 49s

The Null Coalesce Operator

02m 39s

The Spaceship Operator

03m 12s

Session Start Options

02m 36s

Anonymous Classes

02m 27s

Filtered Unserialization

02m 37s

Grouping Use Statements

02m 38s

Chapter: Advanced PHP Techniques

Anonymous Function

04m 3s

Recursive Function

03m 55s

Internationalization (i18n)

07m 1s

Regular Expression

07m 44s


03m 35s

Date and Time

06m 54s

Dependency Management

07m 21s

PSR Standard

07m 59s

Chapter: Spark Streaming Examples with Twitter

Why Database?

05m 30s


06m 1s


08m 46s

SQL Versus NoSQL

05m 36s


06m 25s

Chapter: Basic Object-Oriented Programming

Why OOP?

04m 36s

Object Versus Class

03m 1s

Class Construct

06m 26s

Class Variables

04m 2s

Class Methods

03m 23s

Class Constant

04m 6s

Chapter: SOLID Principles


03m 9s

Single Responsibility Principle

06m 45s

Open Closed Principle

04m 12s

Liskov Substitution Principle

04m 42s

Interface Segregation Principle

03m 53s

Dependency Inversion Principle

07m 2s

Chapter: Advanced OOP


06m 40s

Abstract Class

04m 4s


05m 42s

Static Variables and Methods

05m 25s

Magic Methods

04m 48s


05m 38s


05m 7s


04m 19s

Chapter: Design Pattern

Singleton Design Pattern

05m 24s

Factory Method Design Pattern

04m 15s

Repository Design Pattern

04m 31s

Model View Controller Design Pattern

05m 52s