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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with ElasticSearch

The Course Overview

03m 9s

What Is ElasticSearch?

04m 1s

Installing ElasticSearch

06m 34s

Goal of ElasticSearch

04m 16s

What's New in Version 5.0?

03m 36s

Why Use ElasticSearch?

05m 10s

Chapter: Dichotomy of ElasticSearch

What Is an Index?

02m 31s

Documents in ElasticSearch

04m 20s

What Is a Cluster?

06m 51s

Setting Shards and Replicas

06m 30s

Chapter: Get Going with Documents and Indices

Adding and Deleting an Index

08m 9s

Adding and Deleting Documents

05m 33s

Using Bulk API

08m 44s

Chapter: Querying with RESTful API

Introduction to REST API

03m 21s

Using REST API to Search

06m 34s

Using REST API to Update

06m 39s

Chapter: Power Your Searches with DSL

Introduction to DSL

04m 10s

Understanding DSL

03m 9s

Term Queries and Boosting

07m 13s

Range Query

02m 27s

Exist Query

03m 2s

Aggregation Based Analytics

06m 41s

Aggregations: Implementation

04m 45s

Chapter: What ElasticSearch is NOT

Myths about ElasticSearch

08m 39s

Chapter: Getting More with ElasticStack

What Is ElasticStack?

01m 47s


05m 24s


03m 49s


04m 58s


01m 53s

Chapter: Apache Log Analysis

Preparing for Log Analysis

05m 40s

Running Log Analysis

09m 26s

Chapter: Advanced ElasticSearch Queries

Sorting in ElasticSearch

04m 33s

Geo Searching

02m 51s

Getting into Synonyms

04m 24s

Chapter: ElasticSearch versus Apache Solr

Choosing between ElasticSearch and Apache Solr

04m 45s