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Table of Contents

Chapter: Understanding the Node.js Environment

The Course Overview

07m 4s

Installation and Setup

04m 37s

Node.js Under the Hood

08m 37s

Read Eval Print Loop

06m 12s

Event Loop

05m 3s

Chapter: CLI Application Development

CLI Interactions

06m 21s

Commander.js and prompt

08m 22s

Make Your Tool Global

05m 31s

Chapter: Asynchronous Event Driven Programming

Understanding Events

05m 46s


07m 21s

Creating an Event

08m 39s

Events in Depth

06m 50s

Chapter: Streaming Data across Nodes and Clients

Exploring Streams

06m 0s

Object Streams

05m 39s

Creating an http-server

07m 47s

Handling Post Data

06m 1s

Chapter: Http and Web Server


09m 0s

Request Middleware

08m 33s

Social Logins

10m 34s


09m 48s

Chapter: Using Node.js to Access File System

Iterating Over Files and Folders

07m 16s

Reading a File

09m 7s

Writing a File

09m 55s

Handling File Uploads

09m 24s

Chapter: Utilizing Multiple Processes

Taking Control Over the Process

06m 25s

Creating Child Processes

12m 6s

Communicating with Your Child Processes

07m 36s

Chapter: Creating Real-Time Applications

Using Bi-Directional Communication with Socket.IO

12m 56s

Server-Sent Events

10m 26s

Server to Server Communication

06m 12s

Chapter: Scaling Your Applications

Why Scale?

05m 26s

Microservices That Scale

12m 31s

Bringing an Application to the Cloud

08m 58s

Chapter: Testing and References

Testing and spying

13m 38s

Testing an API

07m 45s


11m 49s