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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setting Up Your Development Environment

The Course Overview

03m 29s

Cross-Platform Tooling with Visual Studio Code

03m 36s

Installing and Configuring Node.js

02m 14s

Chapter: Understanding TypeScript

A Brief History of JavaScript

05m 34s

Understanding JavaScript Types

07m 31s

Advantages and Disadvantages of JavaScript

10m 39s

Why TypeScript?

07m 18s

Chapter: What's New in TypeScript?

Basic Features in TypeScript

17m 14s

Advanced TypeScript Features

10m 2s

Chapter: Creating a Basic TypeScript Application

Setting Up a Visual Studio Code Application

08m 53s

Binary Math Refresher

07m 33s

Implementing a Base64 Encoder

15m 6s

Debugging in Visual Studio Code

06m 28s

Chapter: Implementing Multiple Encoders

Adding an Encoder Interface

08m 39s

Adding Support for Unicode Using Node.js

10m 11s

Adding Another Encoder Implementation

13m 57s

Chapter: Refactoring Our Application with Confidence

Choosing the Right Encoder with Options

18m 59s

Refactoring for Testability

12m 27s

Applying SOLID Principles

13m 52s

Chapter: Testing Our Application Using Jasmine

Installing and Configuring Jasmine

12m 22s

Writing Specifications in Jasmine

16m 35s

Running Our Test Suite in Visual Studio Code

25m 58s

Chapter: Migrating a Browser Library

Getting Draggabilly.js

06m 59s

Setting Up Visual Studio Code

10m 58s

Converting the Code

39m 46s

Chapter: Migrating a Hybrid Web App

Todo Application Overview

05m 56s

Setting Up Visual Studio Code

10m 6s

Converting the Server-Side Code

44m 53s

Converting the Client-Side Code

31m 52s

Chapter: Migrating a Node.js Application

Node Library Overview

03m 35s

Setting Up Visual Studio Code

05m 42s

Writing Custom Declaration Files

31m 59s

Converting the JS

07m 14s