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Table of Contents

Chapter: Fundamentals of Test-driven Development

The Course Overview

05m 40s

Why Test-Driven Design?

09m 58s

The Testing Pyramid

05m 14s

Behavior-Driven Development

03m 46s

Android Project Structure

05m 24s

Chapter: Design for Test

Best Practices – Interfaces, DTOs, and Layers

07m 11s

Why Interfaces?

12m 45s

DTO Best Practices

10m 15s

Layer Description – UI, Business Logic, and Data Access

15m 24s

Minimizing If Tests

15m 25s

Chapter: Introduction to Unit Testing

JUnit Syntax

12m 13s

JUnit Annotations

05m 50s

Example with Setup and Teardown

10m 46s

Design for Test

05m 33s

Create a Test-driven Design Test

11m 43s

Chapter: Behavior-driven Design

Given, when, and then syntax

10m 44s

Example – Given, When, and Then

14m 36s

Extended Given, When, and Then Test

11m 8s

More Asserts

11m 33s

More Assert Examples

12m 57s

Hamcrest Asserts

14m 11s

Chapter: Add-ins/Plug-ins

Remove Dependencies with Mockito

19m 11s

Mockito Example

16m 15s

Technical Debt

15m 45s

Unit Test Code Coverage in Android Studio

07m 1s

Build environment

13m 12s

Chapter: Testing Beyond the Unit Test

Android Instrumentation Test

10m 6s

Android Instrumentation Test Example

12m 24s

Espresso Overview

05m 45s

Example Espresso Test

03m 58s

Firebase Test Lab

06m 32s