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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


06m 26s

The New Tell Me Feature

04m 13s

Microsoft Account Options And OneDrive

03m 44s

Available Themes Views And Document Navigation

11m 9s

The Quick Access Toolbar

05m 5s

Using The Working Files

02m 0s

About The Author

01m 10s

Chapter: Creating Word 2016 Documents

Create A New Document With Or Without A Template

06m 12s

Entering Text Into A Word Document

04m 45s

Save, Save As, Saving For People Without Word 2016

08m 57s

Working With Existing Documents

06m 37s

Non Printing Characters And Random Text

08m 50s

Restricting Access To The Whole Or Part Of A Word Document

08m 9s

Chapter: Working With Word 2016 Documents

Selecting Deleting Text And Undoing Mistakes

08m 36s

Inserting Spaces Lines Breaks Or Special Characters

08m 16s

Changing Typeface Font Size Or Case

06m 30s

Make Text Important Using Color Bold Italics Or Underlining

07m 14s

Highlighting Text And Using Strikethrough Superscript And Subscript

06m 58s

Paragraph Alignment Spacing And Indentation

08m 11s

The Format Painter And Format Eraser In Action

06m 8s

Paragraph Borders And Backgrounds

07m 15s

Introducing Bullets And Numbering

09m 32s

Customizing Bullet Shapes And Numbers

06m 38s

Multiple Methods Of Cut Copy And Paste

07m 41s

Finding And Replacing Text

08m 7s

Spelling Grammar Researching In Word 2016

07m 19s

Chapter: Page Setup And Print Preview

Paper Size Orientation Margins And Hyphenation

09m 30s

Watermarks Borders And Background Colors

07m 23s

Print And Preview Combined View

07m 18s

PDF Creation

04m 10s

Chapter: Tables

Inserting Deleting And Entering Data Into A Table

06m 13s

Managing Table Rows And Columns

07m 41s

Formatting Cell Background And Borders

05m 32s

Merging Splitting And Cell Alignment

06m 57s

Positioning And Text Wrapping For Tables Within Existing Text

05m 21s

Chapter: Advanced Paragraph Formatting

Multilevel Bullets

06m 50s

Dropcaps And Themes

05m 41s

Default Tabstops And Creating Your Own

06m 47s

Decimal Bar Tabs And Tab Leaders

07m 14s

Managing Columns In A Word Document

06m 4s

Chapter: Automatic Features

Autocorrect In Action

08m 24s

Managing Your Autocorrect Word List

05m 38s

Chapter: Images, Smartart, Shapes And The Drawing Tools

Shape Insertion Rotation Resize Move And Delete

06m 5s

Formatting Your Shapes

05m 54s

Textboxes Or Adding Text To Existing Shapes

05m 5s

Altering The Stacking Order And Grouping

06m 57s

Insert Photographs From The Web Or From Your Own Files

06m 33s

Enhancing Your Photographs

07m 50s

Introducing Smartart

08m 50s

Screen Capture In Word

04m 57s

Interaction Of Text And Graphic Objects

07m 12s

Chapter: Header And Footers

Inserting And Edting A Header And Or A Footer

04m 26s

Editing Customizing And Page Numbering

06m 31s

Different Headers And Footers On Add And Even Pages

06m 11s

Chapter: Advanced Tables

Tabs Within Cells And Sorting Table Columns

06m 3s

Column Headings Repeating And Large Cells Not Splitting

05m 30s

Formulas In Tables

07m 29s

Chapter: Mail Merge

Mail Merge Explained And In Action

09m 2s

Merging From An Excel File

06m 53s

Data Requirements And Swapping The Source

06m 10s

Merge Blocks And Filtering And Sorting

07m 45s

Label Creation From Your Data

05m 31s

Emails Created From Mail Merge Data

05m 1s

Dynamic Mail Merge Using IF

04m 15s

Chapter: Conclusion

Word 2016 And Beyond

05m 46s