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Table of Contents

Chapter: Alerts and Symptoms

The Course Overview

02m 59s


05m 37s


07m 21s


03m 39s


04m 0s

Chapter: Super Metrics

Super Metrics Overview

07m 36s

Using Super Metrics

07m 24s

Creating Super Metrics

09m 18s

Chapter: Groups and Applications

Using Groups

06m 46s

Using Applications

06m 8s

Chapter: Basic Dashboard Design

Dashboard Widgets Overview

08m 28s

Binary Math Refresher

09m 54s

Chapter: Importing Custom Data

Custom Data – Why?

03m 18s

Overview of the REST API

04m 47s

Creating Objects and Adding Metrics

07m 16s

Deleting Objects

03m 11s

Chapter: Working with Relationships

What Are Relationships?

05m 53s

Creating Relationships in the UI

04m 16s

Creating Relationships via the REST API

07m 34s

Chapter: Advanced Dashboard

What Is an Interactive Dashboard?

03m 50s

Metric Configurations

06m 36s

Creating a Dashboard

09m 43s

Chapter: Notifications

Types of Notifications

05m 23s

Configuring Notification Alerts

05m 56s

Triggering Events in vRO with Notifications

06m 33s

Chapter: Troubleshooting

Where Are the Logs?

03m 1s

What to Look for?

06m 39s

Steps to Try

06m 38s