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Table of Contents

Chapter: Creating Our First App with Ionic 2

The Course Overview

03m 55s

Setting Up a Development Environment

06m 4s

Creating a HelloWorld App Via the CLI

06m 22s

Creating a HelloWorld App Via Ionic Creator

03m 22s

Viewing the App Using Your Web Browser

02m 57s

Viewing the App Using the Ionic CLI

01m 43s

Viewing the App Using Xcode for iOS

03m 11s

Viewing the AppU Genymotion for Android

06m 17s

Viewing the App Using Ionic View

04m 16s

Chapter: Adding Ionic 2 Components

Adding Multiple Pages Using Tabs

12m 24s

Adding the Left and Right Menu Navigation

07m 20s

Navigating Multiple Pages with State Parameters

07m 37s

Chapter: Extending Ionic 2 with Angular 2 Building Blocks

Creating Your Own Custom Component Using the HTML Template

04m 56s

Creating a Custom Username Input Directive

06m 28s

Creating a Custom Pipe

04m 16s

Creating a Shared Service to Provide Data to Multiple Pages

06m 22s

Chapter: Validating Forms and Making HTTP Requests

Creating a Complex Form with Input Validation

13m 39s

Retrieving Data via Mocked API Using a Static JSON File

08m 45s

Integrating with Stripe for Online Payment

08m 22s

Chapter: Adding Animation

Embedding a Full Screen Inline Video as the Background

05m 56s

Creating a Physics-Based Animation Using Dynamics.js

05m 6s

Animating the Slide Component by Binding a Gesture to the Animation State

07m 52s

Adding a Background CSS Animation to the Login Page

03m 26s

Chapter: User Authentication and Push Notification Using Ionic Cloud

Registering and Authenticating Users Using Ionic Cloud

07m 53s

Building an iOS App to Receive Push Notifications

18m 57s

Building an Android App to Receive Push Notifications

12m 20s

Chapter: Supporting Device Functionalities Using Ionic Native

Taking a Photo Using the Camera Plugin

07m 4s

Sharing Content Using the Social Sharing Plugin

04m 42s

Displaying a Term of Service Using InAppBrowser

06m 22s

Creating a Taxi App Using the Google Maps Plugin and Geocode Support

09m 5s

Chapter: Theming the App

Viewing and Debugging Themes for a Specific Platform

04m 44s

Customizing Themes Based on the Platform

05m 26s

Chapter: Publishing the App for Different Platforms

Adding Versioning to Future Proof the App

05m 17s

Building and Publishing an App for iOS

07m 26s

Building and Publishing an App for Android

06m 14s