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Table of Contents

Chapter: Starting a 2D Project

The Course Overview

02m 27s

Creating a New 2D Project

05m 2s

Asset Organization

03m 32s

Creating Scenes

02m 36s

Chapter: Sprites Overview

Sprite Import Settings

04m 37s

Sprite Editor

08m 1s

Sprite Renderer

02m 38s

Sorting Layers

04m 42s

Chapter: Overview of Writing Code for 2D Games

Creating Scripts

02m 0s

Classes, Variables, and Functions

07m 12s

Accessing Components and Other Scripts

18m 48s

Chapter: User Interface Overview

UI Canvas and Panels

05m 33s

UI Text and Images

03m 14s

UI Layout and Recttransform

09m 18s

UI Buttons

11m 5s

UI Event System

05m 19s

Chapter: Game #1: Text Adventure

Planning the Adventure

07m 5s

Loading Scenes

04m 56s

UI That Displays Through All Scenes

08m 11s