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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setting Up Your Game Project

The Course Overview

03m 22s

Game Project Workflow

03m 49s

Game and Level Design

02m 54s

Chapter: Creating the User Interface

Creating the User Interface Objects

08m 29s

Laying Out the User Interface

08m 54s

Chapter: Scripting the User Interface

Scripting the UI Controls

05m 25s

Testing and Editing the UI Functionality

04m 36s

Chapter: Creating the Terrain

Creating the Height Map

06m 35s

Painting the Terrain

04m 53s

Chapter: Adding Vegetation

Adding Grass and Trees

06m 57s

Creating Your Own Trees

10m 32s

Importing and Using Vegetation Objects

03m 30s

Chapter: Adding a Water Feature

Preparing the Terrain for Water

07m 42s

Adding Surface Water

04m 18s

Adding Water Depth

04m 22s

Chapter: Working with Textures

Using Default Textures

05m 54s

Creating Your Own Textures

03m 44s