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Table of Contents

Chapter: Sprites – The Basic Element of 2D Game Development

The Course Overview

06m 8s

2D Mode and Custom Packages

04m 1s

Dealing with Sprites

10m 38s

Our Character Makes Its First Steps

09m 8s

Chapter: Animating a Sprite in Unity

Animating Sprites

06m 38s

The Animator Components and Controllers

08m 29s

The Game

04m 59s

Chapter: Dealing with 2D Physics

2D Physics

07m 5s

Letting the Character Move

08m 32s

Building a Cool Level

07m 35s

Chapter: Level Design

Tiled for 2D Level Design

14m 4s

Approaching UI

04m 22s

Game Handler

03m 32s

Adding Enemies

07m 39s

Chapter: Creating Your Own RPG

Role-Playing Games and Getting Ready

03m 34s

Importing the Level

03m 33s

Splicing Our Sprites for Our Hero

03m 38s

Creating and Dressing Up Our Hero

03m 50s

Giving the Power of Movement to Our Hero

03m 31s

Animating the Hero

02m 39s

Chapter: AI and Pathfinding


01m 33s

Astar Algorithm in Unity

06m 4s

Using Pathfinders for Enemies

08m 23s

Chapter: Tower Defense Basics

Tower Defense Games and Getting Ready

04m 10s

Setting Up a Scene and Creating a Map

02m 23s


06m 47s


04m 53s


09m 12s

Chapter: User Interface for Tower Defense Game

Getting Ready and Designing the UI

02m 30s

Creating a Live Counter

05m 56s

Implementing a Money System

05m 9s

The Tower Seller

07m 46s

Upgrading the Towers

12m 7s

Chapter: Finishing Tower Defense Game

Getting Ready and Waypoints for Enemies

06m 42s

Integrating the UI into the Game

05m 17s

Placing the Towers

08m 21s

Creating an Enemy Spawner

03m 47s

Finishing the Gameplay

03m 57s

Upgrading Towers

05m 41s