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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

The Course Overview

11m 32s

Welcome to the World of Go!

11m 52s

How to Write Go Code?

18m 14s

Let’s Build a Rest API Client in Go!

18m 32s

Chapter: Key Building Blocks

Packages, Variables, and Functions

11m 41s

Flow Control

04m 53s

Apply Your New Knowledge – Binary Search Algorithm

09m 2s

Structs, Slices, and Maps

08m 50s

Apply Your New Knowledge – Let’s Create a Set

05m 7s

Chapter: Advanced Building Blocks

Slicing Slices

14m 43s

Methods and interfaces – Linked List Data Structure Implementation

17m 10s

Concurrency in Go – goroutines

07m 40s

Concurrency in Go – Channels

13m 49s

Concurrency in Go – Select

07m 45s

Errors and Troubleshooting

13m 54s

A Tour into Go’s Packages

15m 50s

Project Hydra –Write the First Piece of the Spaceship Web Server

06m 51s

Chapter: Object-Oriented Patterns in the Go World

A Closer Look at Interfaces and Methods in Go I

23m 4s

A Closer Look at Interfaces and Methods II

10m 44s

Factory Design Pattern in Go

11m 58s

The Singleton Pattern –Building the Hydra custom logger

10m 31s

Builder Pattern in Go – Construct the Ship’s Defense Shields

06m 12s

Chapter: Go Master Topics

Syncs and Locks

26m 58s

Timers and Tickers

20m 9s

Channel Generators

05m 58s

Pipelines –Build the Hydra chat System

28m 19s

Pipelines – Build the Hydra Chat System (Continued)

29m 19s

Go Laws of Reflection

34m 53s

Reflection on Structs and Interfaces

32m 50s

Hydra – Custom Configuration File Reader

31m 31s

Chapter: Go Testing

Unit Testing in Go

24m 25s

Benchmarking in Go

11m 37s

Practices, Cross Compilation, and the Go Tool

12m 16s

Chapter: Files

File Handling in Go

25m 24s

Go and JSON Format

32m 47s

Go and the XML Format

34m 16s

Go and CSV Format

20m 5s

Chapter: Databases

Go with MySQL

27m 51s

Go with Mongodb I

21m 29s

Go with MongoDB II

21m 32s

Go with BoltDB

22m 41s

Building Hydra’s Database Interface

21m 57s

Chapter: Communications

TCP communication – Clients

20m 36s

TCP Communication – Servers

18m 56s

UDP Communications

36m 18s

Protocol Buffers with Go

37m 17s

Hydra Protocol Buffer Layer

38m 35s

Chapter: Web Applications in Go

Web Server Applications in Go

42m 31s

Client and RESTful API Application in Go

36m 25s

Build Hydra’s RESTful API I

22m 52s

Build Hydra’s RESTful API II

26m 20s

Building the Hydra website – Templates

34m 53s

Building the Hydra website – Backend

27m 20s

Hydra Chat Portal I

32m 16s

Hydra Chat Portal II

46m 59s

Web Security

38m 8s