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Table of Contents

Chapter: Data Manipulation Using In-Built R Data

The Course Overview

03m 52s

What Is Data Mining?

04m 58s

Introduction to the R Programming Language

14m 44s

Data Type Conversion

02m 11s

Sorting, Merging, Indexing, and Subsetting Dataframes

09m 46s

Date and Time Formatting

03m 1s

Types of Functions

02m 24s

Loop Concepts

02m 30s

Applying Concepts

03m 17s

String Manipulation

02m 14s

NA and Missing Value Management and Imputation Techniques

02m 52s

Chapter: Exploratory Data Analysis with Automobile Data

Univariate Data Analysis

09m 18s

Bivariate Analysis

01m 48s

Multivariate Analysis

00m 57s

Understanding Distributions and Transformation

04m 53s

Interpreting Distributions and Variable Binning

05m 14s

Contingency Tables, Bivariate Statistics, and Checking for Data Normality

06m 17s

Hypothesis Testing

11m 58s

Non-Parametric Methods

02m 37s

Chapter: Visualizing Diamond Dataset

Introduction to Data Visualization

16m 6s

Visualizing Charts, and Geo Mapping

03m 39s

Visualizing Scatterplot, Word Cloud and More

10m 51s

Using plotly

04m 49s

Creating Geo Mapping

02m 20s

Chapter: Regression with Automobile Data

Introduction about Regression

04m 8s

Linear Regression

14m 4s

Stepwise Regression Method for Variable Selection

02m 19s

Logistic Regression

09m 39s

Cubic Regression

08m 46s

Chapter: Market Basket Analysis with Groceries Data

Introduction to Market Basket Analysis

12m 29s

Practical project

15m 39s