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Table of Contents

Chapter: Basic Module Components

The Course Overview

02m 12s

New Module Declaration

09m 25s

Database Install Scripts

14m 8s

Database Upgrade Scripts

10m 22s

Model Layer

08m 51s

Controller Layer

11m 40s

View Layer

17m 8s

Chapter: Advanced Module Components

Console Commands

15m 20s

Scheduling Cron Jobs

08m 3s

Backend Menus and ACL

07m 41s

System Configuration

13m 12s

Web API Implementation

12m 44s

Chapter: UI Components Library

UI Components Overview

05m 25s

Rendering Grids

14m 30s

Rendering Forms

10m 49s

Extending UI Components

11m 29s

Checkout Customization

09m 21s

Chapter: Customization

DI Configuration

14m 38s


09m 56s


06m 56s

Layout Configuration

06m 5s

JavaScript Customization

12m 49s