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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting to Know Bootstrap

The Course Overview

07m 26s

Getting Bootstrap – Download - CDN

06m 59s

Adding Bootstrap to Web Projects

07m 7s

What is Bootstrap?

06m 42s

Chapter: Breakdown of Bootstrap

Bootstrap Containers

05m 51s

Creating a Bootstrap Template

05m 36s

The Grid System

08m 37s

Bootstrap Columns and Rows

10m 27s

Bootstrap Jumbotron

04m 22s

Bootstrap Typography

12m 17s

Chapter: Tools and Components

Text Styles

09m 45s

Bootstrap Cards

10m 31s

Bootstrap Images

06m 27s

Bootstrap Nav

06m 28s

Bootstrap Buttons

05m 2s

Bootstrap Button Grouping

06m 51s

Bootstrap Alignments and Styling

05m 20s

Bootstrap Other Components

08m 33s

Chapter: Going further with Bootstrap

Glyphicons and Font Awesome

05m 52s

Bootstrap Alerts

05m 40s

Bootstrap Pagination

04m 36s

Bootstrap Nav

09m 43s

Bootstrap Navbars

07m 28s

Responsive Media Queries

07m 57s

Chapter: Bootstrap Useful Components

Forms working with Field

06m 37s

Bootstrap Forms

16m 31s

Bootstrap Responsive Utilities

04m 14s

Chapter: Bootstrap Resources

Useful Web Resources for Better Building

09m 43s

Bootstrap Template Resource

03m 46s

Bootstrap Templates

03m 51s

Chapter: Adding jQuery

Setting up jQuery

05m 16s

CDN and what can be done with jQuery

10m 34s

Chapter: jQuery and Bootstrap

Bootstrap ToolTips

05m 55s

Bootstrap 4 Modal

08m 6s

Bootstrap 4 Carousel

08m 30s

Bootstrap 4 Carousel options

04m 13s

Bootstrap 4 ScrollSpy

05m 16s

Chapter: Simple Single Page Website

Planning Design Website Concept

03m 3s

Creating Template and Container

03m 3s

Add Placeholder Content and Sections

04m 11s

Create Navbar

06m 24s

Create the Content Area

08m 58s

Update and Tweak Layout

04m 55s

Add custom Styling and Fonts

10m 31s

Create Functionality Using JQuery

06m 55s

Chapter: Multi Page Website

Planning Design Website Concept

06m 22s

Creating Template and Container

04m 56s

Adding placeholder Content and Sections

05m 1s

Creating Navbar

05m 32s

Creating the Content Area

06m 53s

Creating Contact Form

07m 9s

Creating Portfolio page

06m 51s

Updating and Tweak Layout

02m 57s

Adding Custom Styling and Fonts

03m 48s

Creating Functionality Using JQuery

07m 46s

Adding in Bootstrap jQuery Components

07m 7s