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Table of Contents

Chapter: Bootstrapping React

Setting Up our Foundation Project

14m 25s

Setting up Webpack and WebPack-Dev-Server

08m 11s

Bootstrapping our HTML

07m 20s

Hot Reloading with WebPack-Dev-Server

05m 20s

Adding Support for ES6 and JSX with Babel

10m 46s

Building our First JSX React Component

13m 37s

Chapter: Building ES6 React Components

Creating an ES6 React Component

07m 19s

Building a Reusable Bootstrap React Button

10m 14s

Creating Dynamic JSX Tags

04m 4s

Understanding JSX Spread in Depth

04m 55s

Adding Features to Our Button Component

07m 33s

Making Disabled Tags Work

03m 4s

Chapter: Creating a Jumbotron React Component

Creating Reusable Utilities

04m 55s

Creating the Jumbotron Component

05m 26s

Building a Reusable Container Class

09m 25s

Removing Unknown Props from HTML

04m 23s

Completing Our Jumbotron with a Dynamic Fluid Child

05m 14s

Chapter: SASS

Dynamically building CSS files with Webpack

10m 7s

Creating SASS Variables

05m 48s

Importing SCSS Files with Webpack

11m 34s

Introducing SCSS Mixins

07m 36s

Chapter: Animating React Components

Animating in React with Add-ons

06m 29s

Choosing Between Children and Props

03m 28s

Working with Events in React

04m 56s

Understanding How State Works

03m 38s

Animating Children with ReactCSSTransitionGroup

08m 47s

Leaving Animations with SASS Nesting

07m 37s