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Table of Contents

Chapter: Abstraction and Code Management – Making Better Use of OOP

The Course Overview

03m 5s

The Thomas Was Late Game

10m 58s

Structuring the Thomas Was Late Code

03m 50s

Building the Game Engine

20m 44s

Coding the Main Function

01m 57s

Chapter: Advanced OOP – Inheritance and Polymorphism


04m 52s


02m 33s

Abstract Classes – Virtual and Pure Virtual Functions

04m 7s

Abstract Classes – Virtual and Pure Virtual Functions

13m 13s

Building the Thomas and Bob Classes

05m 43s

Updating the Game Engine to use Thomas and Bob

08m 30s

Chapter: Building Playable Levels and Collision Detection

Designing Some Levels

04m 12s

Building the LevelManager Class

11m 21s

Coding the loadlevel Function

03m 16s

Updating the Engine

02m 49s

Collision Detection

08m 11s

Chapter: Sound Spatialization and HUD

Spatialization and SFML

05m 50s

Building the SoundManager Class and Adding it to the Game Engine

06m 39s

Populating the Sound Emitters

03m 2s

Playing Sounds

03m 30s

The HUD Class

04m 41s

Using the HUD Class

03m 59s

Chapter: Extending SFML Classes, Particle Systems, and Shaders

The SFML Drawable Class

05m 15s

Building a Particle System

13m 27s

OpenGL, Shaders, and GLSL

09m 24s