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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with Angular 2.0

The Course Overview

04m 36s

Angular 2.0 Versus Angular 1.0

06m 17s

Installation and Setup for Angular 2.0 with TypeScript ES6

06m 22s

A “Hello world” Application Using Angular 2.0

05m 27s

Chapter: Bootstrap Components and Styling

Bootstrap Installation and Setup

05m 15s

Bootstrap Fluid Responsive Layout with Grid System

08m 54s

Bootstrap Responsive .navbar Header and .navbar Tabs

04m 7s

Bootstrap Table, List, Form, and Glyph Icons and Responsive Utilities

06m 57s

Bootstrap Carousel with Bootstrap Panel, Accordion, and Tab Menu

05m 52s

Creating Demo Application Structure Using Bootstrap Component

05m 0s

Chapter: Understanding Typescript, Module Loaders, and Transpilers

Writing an Application Using Typescript/ES5/ES6

05m 6s

Typescript as a Language for Angular 2

04m 52s

Understanding Universal Module Loader System JS

04m 2s

Understanding webpack Module Loader

05m 45s

Loaders and Transpilers using NPM Package Manager

03m 20s

Typescript@ annotations for Components, Views,andDirectives

04m 45s

Hands-On on Our Application

04m 46s

Chapter: Understanding Features of ES6 ES2015

Scope of Variables using let and const

05m 1s

Template Literals and Default Arguments

04m 13s

Spread Operator, Rest Parameter, and De-Structuring

05m 40s

Arrow Function and Lexical This Binding

04m 55s

ES6 Classes and Inheritance

05m 8s

ES6 Modules Import and Export

05m 34s

Asynchronous Processing with ES6 Native Promises

03m 41s

Iterators and Generators in ES6

04m 48s

Chapter: Angular 2 Modules, Components, Templates, Metadata, and Architecture

Angular 2 Application Architecture

07m 52s

Angular Modules and Components

04m 43s

Angular 2 Modules: @Ng Module

05m 39s

Angular Components Nesting and Templates

05m 43s

Angular Web Component and View Encapsulation

07m 39s

Angular Component Metadata

06m 37s

Angular Component Communication Input and Output

07m 10s

Angular Component Building for Application

06m 9s

Chapter: Data Binding, Events, and pipes in Angular 2

Angular 2 - Property binding

04m 3s

DOM events and event binding

05m 44s

Two-way data binding in Angular app

06m 13s

Attribute directives and structural directives

06m 55s

Pipes in Angular 2

06m 18s

Angular component Lifecycle Hooks

05m 46s

Application development with data binding, pipes, and directives

04m 37s

Chapter: The Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control Patterns

Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control Patterns

04m 53s

Injector and Providers @inject @injectable

04m 23s

Building And Registering a Service

03m 34s

Dependency Injection with Angular 2 Application

05m 49s

Chapter: Angular 2 Understanding Routing Basics, Observable Objects, and Immutable Objects

Angular 2 Understanding Routing Basics, Observable Objects, and Immutable Objects

06m 39s

Route Architecture with Route Linking and Redirection

04m 10s

Angular 2.0 Understanding Child Routes and Route Param

06m 25s

Securing Routes and Location Strategy

06m 19s

Routing with Angular 2 Demo Application

06m 29s

Chapter: Understanding Angular 2 Forms

Angular 2 Template Driven forms

05m 6s

Template-driven forms with Validation

07m 8s

Model-driven Forms or Reactive Forms

04m 42s

Model-driven Forms with Validations

06m 34s

Angular 2 Application Development with Forms

08m 23s

Chapter: Reactive Programming in Angular 2 RX Observables

Angular 2.0 Understanding Reactive Functional Programming

08m 9s

Observables and Reactive Extensions

06m 6s

Observables with HTTP service in Angular 2

08m 10s

Observables with Angular Forms in Angular 2

06m 28s

Observables and RX JS with Angular 2 Application

09m 15s