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Table of Contents

Chapter: R Data Structures

The Course Overview

04m 35s

Working with Vectors

12m 7s

Working with Lists and Attributes

13m 27s

Working with Multidimensional Arrays and Matrices

12m 58s

Working with Data Frames and Factors

24m 50s

Loading and Saving Data in R

16m 54s

Chapter: Manipulating Datasets with R

Working with the Subset() and with() Functions

10m 15s

Working with the which() and grep() Functions

14m 2s

Working with the sort() and order() Functions

11m 33s

Working with sapply() and lapply()

10m 51s

Working with tapply() and table() Functions

11m 38s

Chapter: Visualizing Data in R

Basic Plots in R

16m 53s

Basic Plots with the ggplot2 Package

17m 23s

Visualizing Heatmaps

21m 55s

Visualizing Networks

12m 34s

Other Visualization Methods

09m 30s

Chapter: Flow Control and Debugging Tools

for Loops Versus the apply() Function

16m 18s

The if Statement and ifelse() Function

14m 37s

while and repeat Loops and the Break Statement

13m 40s

Writing Your Own Functions

19m 36s

General Programming and Debugging Tools

21m 5s

Chapter: Evaluating Probability Distributions

Descriptive Statistics

07m 46s

Overview of Probability Distributions

13m 43s

Fitting Probability Distribution

14m 39s

Other Statistical Tests to Fit Distributions

07m 48s

Chapter: Hypothesis Testing and Statistical Models

Model Formulas

11m 32s

One and Two Sample Tests

09m 18s

Linear Regression

10m 34s

Analysis of Variance

10m 25s

Linear Models for Gene Expression Data

13m 59s